Project Management

Our Engineers are able to develop and manage projects across a variety of Engineering disciplines. One area that we have particular specialty in is Airworthiness Directive Compliance.

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Reliability Engineering

At AAC Engineering we use cutting edge data analysis tools and techniques to identify trends and create prediction models. Don't be surprised. Be prepared.

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AAC Engineering offers structures engineering services including:

  • STC Design Support
  • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis
  • Corrosion Prevention and Control Program & Structural Health Monitoring
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Aircraft Systems

The engineers at AAC Engineering are familiar with complex system design and support requirements, including:

  • Life Limited Parts
  • Modification and Project Management
  • Maintenance Programs
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AAC Engineering offers avionics and electrical systems engineering services including:

  • Electrical Load Analysis
  • Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs)
  • Wiring Diagram Manuals and System Schematic Manuals
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