STC Design Support

From new equipment installation to interior configuration modifications, AAC Engineering is ready to support your STC structural needs. Whether you need structural reports to supplement your design package, Damage Tolerance Analysis, or Interface Load Reports, AAC Engineering has the tools and experience to help you receive STC certification.

Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis

With the issuance of the Aging Aircraft Safety Rule (AASR), and requirements of FAR Part 26 added in 2007, the need to complete Damage Tolerance Analysis for repairs and alterations has grown significantly. AAC provides support for customers that keeps the entire repair and alteration life cycle in mind – from design and installation, through airframe service life. Our staff is trained in the concepts of fatigue, fracture mechanics, and damage tolerance in aerospace structures as well as analytical and numerical methods of fatigue and damage tolerance analysis.

Corrosion Prevention and Control Program & Structural Health Monitoring

Corrosion prevention is key to maintaining the structural health of a wide variety of high performance metallic structures. Aircraft, bridges, buildings, ships, and even amusement park rides benefit from a corrosion prevention and control program. The engineers at AAC have supported some of the world's largest organizations in tackling this tough problem.

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