Grateful For 10 Years!

Recalling the humble beginnings of our startup company, Applied Aerospace Concepts, PLLC a.k.a. AAC Engineering, encourages me to maintain an attitude of appreciation. It was in August of 2009 that we officially became an Engineering Consulting Firm.  I am deeply thankful for these last 10 years at the helm of AAC, and would like to express my gratitude to the many people along the way that made it possible for us to be at the place where we are today. Nothing is perfect, but I believe this has been a perfectly ordained journey.  

Ten years ago, my wife and I decided to take an early retirement opportunity and begin the adventure of becoming entrepreneurs.  We began by trading work-for-rent of a one room office  from a generous, kind friend and fellow entrepreneur.  We were eager to begin this daunting adventure and conquer each obstacle. I was prepared with professional skills learned from previous managers, colleagues, and mentors. Gratefully, a previous manager entrusted me and gave me an opportunity to earn my first retainer, and from there steady growth came with hard work and perseverance.

AAC experienced significant growth a couple years later, and we prepared to move into our own set of offices.  We were excited & thankful for new partnerships that made this next destination possible!  Valley Office Park was our home base for the next 7 years.  In those seven years we were blessed to collaborate with outstanding businesses and our team expanded to include some of the best professionals in the industry. With growth came many challenges, so we had plenty of opportunities to persevere! With clarity of purpose and focus, we matured as a company.  A few times I felt stretched beyond my abilities to handle all of the challenge’s life was handing me.  Thankfully, I had key people to walk alongside me, and my faith that gave each day renewed purpose and perspective. Through the battles, we learned many valuable lessons; earning many hard-fought wins (and absorbing a few hard-fought losses too), grit, determination, grace and goodwill. I have a great sense of appreciation for each of our current and former employees, contractors, clients, advisors and suppliers who are each a part of our story.  

We have continued on our trajectory of growth and almost 2 years ago AAC Engineering moved to the beautiful office suites at Normandale Lake Office Park. Again, we are overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for the people all around us. I want to thank our current employees - who are the future of AAC, and our clients - who make our firm possible. We would not be AAC Engineering without you, your trust, partnership,  friendship, and confidence. We are energized and optimistic for our future, in partnership with you.

We are filled with gratitude to the One who gives each day endless possibilities and brings success to our efforts.

Craig Mueller
President & CEO; AAC Engineering, PLLC